Automated Coiling and Packaging Line

  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(1)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(2)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(3)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(4)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(5)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(6)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(7)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(8)
  • Coiling-and-Packaging-Cell-(9)

Coiling and Packaging Line System

This system is an automated coiling and packaging line consisting of servo-driven motion, robotics, vision guidance, material handling and a custom designed box taping machine.  The system marries to an existing, continuous extrusion line and will accommodate a variety of products sizes and types with no mechanical change-over.

Components used:

Motoman - Robot
Cognex – Vision camera
Festo – Pneumatics
Mitsubishi Electric – PLC and HMI
Reiku – Cable management
Hytrol - Conveyors
Soft Robotics – Gripper
Schmalz – Vacuum systems