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    Applications Engineer Stephen Layman Joins Force Design Team

    Mar 28, 2019 10:27:00 AM / contributions by Mark Miller


    Stephen LaymanWe are pleased to announce that Stephen Layman has joined the Force Design team  as an Applications Engineer. Stephen brings experience with automation design and installation to his new role in concept and proposal development. His work will include assessing client needs, designing and developing automation solutions, creating 3D concepts and simulations, presenting proposals to clients, analyzing costs, and working with equipment vendors. As part of the Force Design leadership group, he’ll also participate in strategic planning, growing client and vendor relationships, and leading concept development work with our design and engineering staff.

    Stephen has over 20 years of engineering experience including mechanical design, project management, client interaction, and vendor management. In previous positions, he’s worked in the design, management, and building phases of fixtures, gages, and automated equipment. In addition, he has helped develop an ISO 17025 accredited metrology lab and designed operator cabs for tractors and other off-road equipment. He says, “it brings me great satisfaction to see my work have a positive effect on others. I really enjoy immersing myself in the design process and watching new ideas come to light.”

    “Stephen has worked on projects with us extensively through his former employer, so he is already familiar with our business, culture, and values,” says President Seth Angle. “He really cares about people and helping guide our clients through the process of investigating potential automation opportunities.”

    Because of his past work with Force Design, Stephen has valuable insight from both the client and integrator perspectives. He knows that products and services surpass client expectations because the environment at Force Design encourages everyone to collaborate and do their best work. He says, “I am excited about the way we approach the design and build of automated equipment. I have experienced first-hand the effectiveness of these processes to produce exceptional mechanical design.”

    We’re excited to welcome Stephen to our company and we can’t wait to introduce him to our existing and prospective clients.

    Have you considered automating processes at your facility? Whether you’re not sure where to begin or you have a specific project in mind, the Force Design team can help. You can count on our experience, enthusiasm, and integrity every step of the way. Please contact us today!

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    Mark Miller

    Contributions by Mark Miller

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