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    Don’t Buy a Lemon! Tips for Smart Runoff Testing of Automation Equipment

    Nov 12, 2019 11:53:52 AM / contributions by Mark Miller posted in Automation Projects,

    As a consumer you probably wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it. And you probably wouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes without first trying them on and walking or jogging in them at the store. You need proof a product meets your needs before you make a purchase, and the best way to do that is to test it under real-world conditions. It’s how you’ll discover a sluggish transmission or inadequate arch support or another deal breaker before you buy.

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    How Building a Strong Internal Team Helps Your Automation Vendor

    Sep 17, 2019 2:03:25 PM / contributions by Mark Miller posted in Automation Projects,

    If you’re like most small to medium sized manufacturers, you spent, or plan to spend, a large amount of time and careful consideration choosing an automation integrator. Don’t neglect putting the same degree of thought into appointing a team from your company who will work with them. After all, you’re making a sizeable investment in a custom machine that your staff will rely on each day, so it makes sense to develop a partnership with the vendor as it’s being created.

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