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    Collaborative Robots Bring Versatility to Manufacturing Facilities

    Jul 19, 2021 12:03:15 PM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in Collaborative Robot, Cobot,

    What do you imagine when the subject of manufacturing robots comes up? Like many people, you probably picture a row of ten-foot-tall robotic arms doing welding and assembly operations to vehicles moving along a production line. Or perhaps you imagine a single robot, isolated or fenced in, doing a process deemed too dangerous or difficult for human workers.

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    Buying an Industrial Robot Arm? Weigh the Costs and Benefits First

    Jul 12, 2021 12:01:58 PM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in ROI, Collaborative Robot, Robotic arm,


    By now, you’re likely familiar with the advantages that industrial robot arms have over human workers. When used in repetitive tasks, industrial robots complete their operations without breaks, mistakes, or injuries caused by those repetitive movements. Moreover, they help to improve quality and consistency, all the while boosting production output.

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    What’s An Automation Integrator’s View of Cobots? Here's Our Top 7 Observations

    Feb 11, 2021 1:12:00 PM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in Collaborative Robot, Cobot,

    Collaborative robots are a major trend in the automation market, projected to grow by over 40 percent to $7,972 million by 2026. Does that make them the right automation solution for your business? Here are the things we urge manufacturers and industrial automation users to think about.

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    But Are They Safe? Our Guiding Principles for Robot Safety

    Feb 3, 2021 9:30:00 AM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in Robotics, Collaborative Robot, Safety,

    Robots are not new technology. However, they are showing up in new places all the time such as smaller manufacturing and machine shops, medical settings, warehouses for packaging and order picking, and maybe even your local coffee shop!

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    As COVID-19 Continues, What Will Cobots Offer Manufacturers?

    Jan 5, 2021 9:45:00 AM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in Collaborative Robot, Cobot,

    Collaborative robots, or cobots, have been growing in popularity among manufacturing and industrial companies looking to improve quality, reduce tedium for workers, and gain efficiencies. According to Design News, “collaborative robots are expected to maintain a double-digit growth rate in terms of both revenue and shipments... Growth for all other types of industrial robots is either negative or flat.” And while all robots will likely experience growth as we move into 2021 and beyond, we expect cobots to continue their strong trend.

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    How Collaborative Robots Impacted Automation

    Apr 16, 2020 2:57:46 PM / contributions by Mark Miller posted in Industrial Automation, Collaborative Robot, Cobot,

    Collaborative robots, sometimes called cobots, have had a major impact on automation in the past several years. Unlike the large, often dangerous machines dedicated to a single factory task, collaborative robots are generally lightweight, compact, and easy to program for a variety of jobs.

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    Observations from IMTS 2018: The Future is Here

    Sep 26, 2018 2:48:20 PM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in Future of Manufacturing, Collaborative Robot, IMTS,

    This year’s International Manufacturing Technology Show, September 10-15 in Chicago, was the largest yet, with 2,563 exhibiting companies and 129,415 people registered. We enjoyed this fun opportunity to talk with exhibitors, watch demonstrations, and learn about trends to watch in manufacturing and automation.

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    Cobots as Coworkers: Humans and Robots on the Job Side by Side

    Jul 31, 2018 9:32:00 AM / contributions by Seth Angle posted in Applications, Collaborative Robot,


    When you think of robots, you might picture a vaguely human-like machine marching around in a futuristic setting or perhaps you think of a massive arm swirling around objects on an assembly line. A new generation of robots has come on the scene and is growing in numbers and capabilities. First developed by General Motors in the mid-1990’s, collaborative robots, also called cobots , are designed to work with humans in manufacturing, warehouses,  and other settings. With the development of new technology and applications, they’re gaining popularity. “Currently, collaborative robots only make up about 3% of all robot sales. This number is expected to jump to 34% in 2025” according to the Robotic Industries Association (RIA).

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