Custom Industrial and Manufacturing Automation Solutions

Turnkey Solutions Tailored For Your Needs

Manufacturers hold many opportunities to automate production in full or in part. Once limited to large-scale factories and plants, today’s smaller, flexible, affordable technology is accessible for small and medium-sized companies as well.

Force Design customers look for fully integrated, custom, turnkey systems to meet a range of production, quality, and ergonomic needs. Our systems include workstations and cells outfitted with collaborative robots, industrial robots, vision systems, conveyors, and other complex machinery as well as smaller-scale automation applications for specific tasks.

With expertise in programmable logic controls (PLC), electromechanical systems, and machine language programming, we can build machines that meet your goals reliably and with precision and accuracy.

Our clients come from many industries and seek solutions to a variety of manufacturing challenges. Each application is unique and highly specialized, but the equipment and controls we use can be deployed in many automation applications across a variety of industries.

Flexible Welding Cell 6A Partner in Developing Automation Solutions

You’re the expert on your manufacturing procedures, employees, and challenges, so you understand the details and how they fit together. But because you may not be familiar with the array of automation options out there, or have the technical knowledge to put them in place, our role is to help you find the best solution for your needs. There may be several points throughout your facility with the potential for automation, such as:

  • Assembly and sub-assembly
  • Machine tending and monitoring
  • Loading, unloading or conveying parts
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Finishing
  • Sorting and quality assurance
  • Packaging and material handling

home-left-imgWhether you're looking for a comprehensive solution for your entire production area, need a single machine to streamline a task, or want to incorporate flexible-use equipment to deploy in several places in your shop, there will be a range of possibilities to navigate before arriving at the right solution for your business. You can count on us to understand what you need and guide you there.

Automation is often a new frontier, and you may not have considered working with an automation integrator in your facility. Our customers find the end results offer many advantages over manual processes, including:

  • Reduced labor costs and overall product costs
  • Higher quality output
  • Greater repeatability and product consistency
  • More streamlined processes in your facility

Motor Mount Ultrasonic Welder Angle 2-1Putting Automation Tools and Technology to Work for You

Custom solutions vary widely in what they look like and how they operate in practice. In general, though, they utilize motion control engineering and specialized programming to complete a series of steps or related tasks, such as:

  • Controls engineering to integrate robotic systems with CNC and other machining equipment
  • Robotic pick and place functionality to position components for welding, riveting, and other
    operations, based on motion control engineering
  • End-of-line inspection and testing of parts with vision systems and sensors


PLC programming that enables on-the-fly adjustments to equipment based on sensor data software, clear user interfaces and connectivity between machines allows your operators and managers to monitor production and make adjustments quickly when needed. With real-time access to critical production data and metrics you’ll be able to:

  • Identify and correct errors
  • Streamline and test production line processes
  • Leverage data for monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Facilitate efficient production line changeovers

With an eye for continuous improvement we offer ongoing support so that you will always have an experienced team behind you. In our 20-plus years working in industrial automation, no two customers have had the same processes or requirements which is why implementing automation shouldn’t be a one-size-fits-all endeavor. You need a customized automation system that’s as unique as your production processes, and that’s where we can help.

To learn more about what automation strategy is best for you, contact our team today.


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